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How to get your family on the water

In attempts to get your woman or children involved in your fishing expeditions, try using live bait. The bites come more frequently, which will add to the excitement of the experience.

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Make sure to use light line, like clear 6-lb. test, for example. When choosing your hook, use the smallest bait hook you can get away with. This will depend on the bait you choose. Weight is not necessary. It is preferred for the bait have as much natural movement as possible. Keep lots of slack in your line and remember to let the fish take the bait before setting the hook!

Keeping your day short will make for desirable family trips versus dusk 'til dawn. So, the next time you ask, "Who wants to go on a family fishing trip?" don't be surprised if you're the last in the truck!

Have a great day on the water, remember fishing is fun!