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Tanya's Tips

The spawn is on!

It's that time again, the water temperature is just right, the females are cruising the bank and the males have fanned out a nice bed. It is a blast to be eye to eye with a monster largemouth bass knowing you have a great chance at landing that lunker.

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I'm going to give you a few quick tips on how to land that lunker. Upon catching your fish take your photos and get the fish back in the water as quick as possible to allow the fish to continue the spawning process.

First, get yourself a good pair of sunglasses, polarized are best. Your rod and line will depend on the cover or structure. I prefer to rig a few rods in the event one is not working I can change it up to the next.

Second, put your trolling motor on high and cruise the bank looking for a bed. Once you locate one, back off and pitch your bait into the nest. Bass circling the bait is a good sign the bass is catchable. If this is not working for you try new bait, jiggle or drag it through the nest, the bass should take it. Don't give up and be patient, repeat this process, the bass will get irritated and pick up the bait to move it out of the nest. Once you see the bait or bass move, set the hook!

Have a great day on the water! Please e-mail me about your fishing trip. I'd love to hear from you!