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Why I Like to Fish...

Often I am asked why I like to fish. I hear, "You don't look like a woman who would fish!"

I am always surprised to hear this even though it's happened many times. What does a woman have to look like that loves to fish? I guess that's up to the person that is asking the question.

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To me it's more about what does she feel like when she is fishing. Is she happy when she is on the water and enjoying the beauty and opportunity that has been gifted to all of us? She could be a wife, a mother, your sister, a daughter, cousin, aunt or neighbor, a co-worker. She could be a person that just loves to fish.

The truth is, I love a good challenge and I love the competition. There is something about 150 boats going out at once racing to their spot even a tournament of 40 boats, it may be full of all the same old gang you go out agents many times through out the year. It's the thought and challenge you don't really know what you will be up against. Things can change so fast on the water and you know it will be a good day on the water because you get to be there.

I ask myself will it be my day. Will my fish be on? Will every thing go just right for me today? Did I pick the right pattern? Am I looking for points or flats? Am I looking to catch a limit or hunting for that luncker? These are just a few of the questions I ask myself when I am getting ready to take off.

The night before I plan my day and reline my spools, I choose my bait selection and imagine my pattern for the next day. I go over it in my head many times before I can finally fall a sleep. The excitement is so intense for me before a big event, maybe that's why I love it so much. All of the planning could go away at the whim of a hunch.

I love to win or come in the money but I am to hard of my self most of the time, when I donŐt do as well as I thought I should have.

I love the feeling of the moisture and the cool wind on my face first thing in the morning as I race across the lake to my first spot. It's the thought and the thrill of the hunt and wondering what the first cast will bring.

I just want to fish that's all I know, I love it! The feeling of the adrenaline rush is like no other and I can't get enough of it. Do you know that feeling? You know, the feeling of your heart pounding through your chest, your hands trembling. It's all I can do to breathe and settle my self while I wait for safe light and my number to be called and head out to see what the lake will offer me today.

Waiting for that faint nip at my bait or the explosion on top water so I can give it I've got and hurl the hook deep into the thick mouth of a large mouth bass. It's feeling of having a monster on the end of my line. The fight is on, stay calm and work her back to the boat. I tell my self donŐt break off; take your time, until I can land this beauty.

The excitement is too much, I can't even speak I can only scream. I can release her for another day; another angler will have that same moment all for there own!

Some people say it's the respect you earn or the trophy? No, not for me it's when I have figured it out and I am right, when I beat the lake my way. When I can walk away with pride and honor to be able to hold my head high that I gave it my all with out a dought, that I did all I knew to do that day on that lake.

Yes that's why I do it. I love every thing about it.

That's Bass Fishing!